September 25, 2011

I made the top of the list (of suspects)

Look at me...
Such an innocent face!  ;)

I am suspect number one in the case of attempted murder of my husband's laptop.  His beloved MacBook Pro is badly agonizing, not able to even open a browser, and apparently it's very likely my fault even if I don't recall doing anything bad to it. But I was the one spending more time during the day using it, so I see his point.

Currently I can only use "the tractor", the old beyond imagination pc that we keep for the children, but they refuse to use because it's too slow, and whose loud noise when processing, reminds me of a farm tractor.

I so hope that we can fix the laptop AND show my innocence! (but most of all fix it!) Until then I will be much limited in my posting since the tractor does not have any image editing software, and not even microsoft office.

I think the solution is simple: guilty or not, I need to get my own computer! :))

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