June 1, 2011


Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy
I'm packing my suitcases!! In a couple of days I'll be in my home-town in Italy!  Can't wait!
Then, straight to the beach! :))  Ah, I miss the beach soo much!
Of course I'll take some colors and brushes with me, but who knows if I'll get to paint. Four weeks may seem a lot, but family, friends and, of course, my kids deserve the priority.

One thing for sure: I will take many reference pictures for when I come back!

Edit: on 15 June, 2011
I'm still on vacation and haven't painted a thing! Knowing what's expecting me after I return home, I suspect I won't have much to post for a long time even in July!
However, the beach is beautiful and the food is awesome. Plus I'm with my children and my parents! There is enough to make me happy even without painting. ;)

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