June 30, 2011

Ah, Venice!

View from San Marco Square.

Came back to the States last night, and I'm finally downloading the pictures of my trip. I see with great joy that I took many good ones.  I have missed only a few carpe diem kind of shots for which  regret my fingers weren't faster or my camera wasn't handier, but overall I'm happy with my effort.

Here are some photos taken in Venice.

Two gondolas waiting for customers.

This lady was standing there for her friend to take a picture and she was wearing a beautiful hat. By the time I got my camera out she had taken the hat off, but here she goes anyway.

View on canal.

Venice, canal with crossing gondola.

View from the Accademia bridge.

I don't know when I'll be able to paint from some of my pictures, I hope soon. For now I'm just happy that I've been there!

PS: If you wish, photos may be used to create derivative works in the form of drawings or paintings. The photos may not be used in any other commercial or non-commercial form without permission.


  1. I dream of going to Italy! Great photos, I may have to take you up on the invite to paint that top one. Very pretty!

  2. Randy, I'm excited that you want to paint from my photos.
    Please go ahead. And I would love to see your painting when you are done! :)


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