May 30, 2011

Urban Wildlife - Squirrel Painting

“Nutty Squirrel” 5" x 7"
(12.7 cm x 17.8 cm) 
Acrylic on canvas panel

On first trip to the USA, I went for walks in Frederick, MD and at the end of each day I was proud to report in detail to my boyfriend how many squirrels, groundhogs, blue jays, cardinals, etc. I saw. I was in awe looking at the wildlife on the city streets. You just don’t see these kind of urban wildlife in Italy. That was in 1997.
Now I'm married to that boyfriend, we live in Columbus, Ohio and have squirrels and chipmunks running like crazy in our yard, (I even saw a couple of opossums the other day) and these nutty squirrels eat all the bird food and even broke a couple of feeders fighting over it.
Nevertheless, they are cute, and the point of having a feeder is to get wild animals coming to it, so I’m complaining, but not too much.:)
I just wished they stopped digging holes everywhere in the yard! Jokingly we say we have squirrels with Alzheimer, they just can’t remember where they hid that nut!

This painting was submitted to the DAPT panting challenge. It should soon appear on Lela Stankovic’s web site.

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