February 7, 2011

Coffee Jar - Still Life Painting

"Coffee Jar"
Acrylic on Canvas Panel


I always found painting a still life challenging, and I usually avoid painting one, so when I saw the challenge on the Paint And Draw Together blog, I was at the same time intimidated and excited to try.
It as been hard to decide when the painting was finished. There is a fine line between keeping painting and improving my work and declaring the painting finished.
When are details good enough so I can say “done”? Most often, I keep feeling like I need to change something, to improve a color value or a shape. This painting was no exception. Even now I would go back and modify things, the background for example. But I decided to stop. I put my signature on it, and that’s the symbolic roadblock. Now if I want to change something, I need to start from scratch and redo the whole thing. 

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