March 12, 2012

Rich Peonies - acrylic still life painting

Rich Peonies
12"x12" (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm)
Acrylic on canvas

Something about this peonies gives me a rich and wealthy feeling. Not sure where I get if from: the abundance of petals, the background color, or the shiny vase. The fact is, I enjoyed painting them very much.
Oh, I can't forget to mention that I got the photo from an old painting challenge by Evhe, at A nos pinceaux.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Ciao :)


  1. So happy to share with you this joy of painting... :)
    And I love your painting!

    1. Hi Evhe,
      I wanted to paint the peonies since the challenge came out, but never got the chance to do it until now. Thanks for a beautiful composition and your kind words. :)

  2. Hello Robie:) This is very nice! Why haven't you participated on the challenge? It's really a beautiful painting!

    1. Hello Renate, thanks for the compliments! :)
      I would have submitted to the challenge, but it's an old one, for the first two weeks of January. I didn't have time to paint it then, but I liked the photo so much, so I decided to give it a go anyway. :)

  3. The peonies are really gorgeous and I also love the shine on the vase!! beautifully painted Robie!

  4. This painting is stunning, love the rich and bold colors and how you made the vase shiny!

  5. Jane and Azra, thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to leave such great comments. :))


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