April 24, 2016

Sticking Out For You - Plein Air Oil Painting

"Sticking Out For You"
9"x12" Oil on Board

All winter I waited for spring to get the opportunity to paint outside. I love to go to the local parks and challenge myself to paint despite the changing light, the wind, the bugs, and so on. Two things I could do without when I paint outdoors: cold and rain.
On the day I painted this painting it was sooo freezing! And it was raining too! Not the best conditions for the first outdoor painting of the year! lol

I've been tempted to give up and stop painting so many times during the session, but I liked that tree quite a bit, and that kept me going.

I have to say, considering the weather, the frozen limbs, and the rain wetting my palette, I made surprising progress on the painting, it was practically finished when I took it home.

So here it is: my first plein air painting of 2016. painted at Schiller's Park, in the heart of Columbus' German Village, in a freezing day of this crazy April 2016.

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