March 18, 2014

Making Colorful Art Makes Me Happy

pastel portrait of model
Last Friday I woke up in the morning and I was craving color.
I wore a very colorful top by Rising International (I loove that brand!), I packed my never-used-before box of pastels, and headed to the figure drawing class.
In one class I made two portraits of the model.
Pastel portrait of model

One looks more like him, the other looks like some relative of his, maybe his brother lol - but that's besides the point.
What I really wanted to do is create a colorful portrait, using colors based on their value, not on their hues. So if it's light, it does not matter if it's yellow, blue or lime green, it will go on an area in full light. If it's a darker color it goes in the shade, no matter the color.

Overall I was very happy with these first attempts of colorful portraits. Considering that it was my first time using pastels, I did pretty good I think.

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