July 5, 2012

My First Art Fair

Bouquet 1

I'm so excited! Tomorrow I'll be at the Dublin, OH Art Fair with my own booth.
It may not sound like a big deal to many, but for me it's quite an event.
It's going to be my first Art Fair, and I am a little nervous but also very excited for the great opportunity.
A true ice breaker, and a wonderful learning experience.

Unfortunately the forecast announced 105 F for tomorrow and Saturday.  I hope I don't melt in the process.

The Dublin Art Fair, on 6-7 July 2012.


  1. Hello Robie:) I'm so happy for you! I hope you'll enjoy the day and meet a lot of nice people! Good luck:)

  2. Hi Renate, I met a lot of nice people, and the main topic of conversation for everyone was the tremendous heat! Good thing they were giving out ice cold water to the vendors! Thanks for you support. :))


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