June 19, 2012

Still Life Painting of White Lilies in Red Vase

White Lilies
16" x 20"
Acrylic on Canvas
This painting of white lilies has been inspired by the online painting challenge Paint and Draw Together, by Lela Stankovic.
I first sketched it with graphite on paper, and started painting looking at the sketch. Then I printed a black and white photo and used it as guide to get the values right.
Only at the very end I looked at the color picture, mainly to fix the reflections on the vase. I had fun! :)


  1. Hello Robie:) Wow you made a beautiful job of it! I especially love your red vase. What a nice red color. Your lilies are very beautiful. And just in time:)

  2. Robie, your painting is so soft, so smooth, I love it, bravo!

  3. Hi Renate and Sylviane, thanks so much for the compliments! This has been a very busy period for me and I made it just in time for the challenge deadline with the lilies. I'm happy to hear you liked them. :)


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