January 18, 2012

View on the Olive Grove - acrylic landscape painting

"Vista sull'Uliveto"
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
11" x 14" (27.9 x 35.6 cm)
Finally my first painting posted for this year!

I painted this entirely from imagination, without any reference photo. It has been such an interesting process; I had fun and I think I learned quite a bit. 
The idea for the landscape came from memories of Tuscany, and the inspiration for the colors came from some new colors that I bought, very unusual for me - I usually mix my paint from the few basic colors, I did not own any fancy hues. Like a child I was super excited to try them all - you should have seen how psychedelic it looked after the first hour! Then, layer after layer, I toned it down. 
Now I'm quite happy with it, I find it relaxing, despite the yellow sky. :)


  1. Hi Robie! What a good job, painting from your memorie. I was surprised to read you did this one in acrylics. At first sight I thought it was done in pastel. I like all the colors. The yellow sky is so Italien. Very warm! My compliments.

  2. Hi Renate, You are right, it looks like pastel, I did not notice until you mentioned it. :)
    Thanks for your compliments!

  3. What a wonderful scene! I love the light. Very whimsical but well painted.
    Have a fun creative weekend,

  4. Whimsical, I like that! That's exactly I how felt while I was painting it; trying to have fun and changing things around until it spoke to me.
    Nora, thanks so much for stopping by and for the compliments! :))

  5. What a beautifully imagined scene!! Love the soft effect and the warmth of the colours!

  6. Thank you Azra. I tried to keep it warm and soft, I'm glad it comes through. :)

  7. I love this composition, the soft colors but quite bright! It reminds me of the first paintings that I found you! Really Bravo!

    1. Dear Viviane, the painting you are referring to is the one I called Inspiration, and you have it right my friend: I was looking at that one for inspiration to paint this imaginary scene. I'm really happy that you thought of it! Thanks! :)


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