November 20, 2011

Making the most out of travel time - pencil sketches

I just came back from a family vacation, eight wonderful days in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Beach, sun, food, drinks.  Ahhhh, the life! Needless to say no time to paint. I didn't even pretend I was going to, in fact I just brought a sketch pad and pencils.

Turns out it has been a week full of fun and activities, and my art tools did not make it out of the hotel room.

However, while waiting at the airports, I kept myself entertained making quick sketches of few fellow passengers.

On the plane I found some interesting images on the Airline's magazine, and sketched those too.  :)

I loved making use of that otherwise boring time at the airport and plane!

 PS: I brought coloring and writing activities for my kids too, which kept them busy scribbling, so they did not drive daddy crazy. :)

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  1. Lovely on site sketches. Very fresh and real.
    Happy Painting,


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