January 23, 2011

The beginning - my first painting

Butterfly painting for my daughter's bedroom
16"x12"  Acrylic on canvas
I painted this for my daughter's bedroom, inspired by a similar one I saw in a store.

Many times, my whole life, I have been thinking "I could do this, copy it just the same." when I saw an artwork.
This time it was my girl that saw an artwork that she wanted for her room, and I said "Honey, I can do that for you, and we can savev the money."
It was one of those life changing moments. Because it was kind of a promise to my daughter, I actually did it.
I broke the ice, got an old canvas I had in the house, on which my son had doodled with some paint, and I painted it pink, then I drew and painted the butterfly, grass, and ladybugs.
I added some sparkles for the fun of it.
My first official painting, and she loved it! :)


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