February 7, 2017

Free Spirit - Inspirational Oil Painting

"Free Spirit"
Oil on Canvas

I love skies paintings. After I started adding birds to the skies, I love them even more.
This painting in particular has a lot of significance to me; I liked it so much that used it on my business cards and artist statement. Something about the many layers of meaning of a white dove flying with spread wings just captures me completely.

I had it hanging at the opening reception at the High Road Gallery and Studios on Sunday, and I got a lot of great feedback about this painting in particular.
To add to the happiness, I sold it!
Free Spirit is going to a nice condo in Florida, home of a wonderful gentleman that I had the pleasure to meet last week.

Now I am even more inspired to paint skies and birds!

Feeling thankful.


February 2, 2017

Heading South - Oil Painting of Sunset with Bird Flock Flying at the Horizon

"Heading South"
oil on canvas

Several months ago my friend Rene Nitsche posted a beautiful sunset photo on facebook and I was immediately inspired to paint it. It took me a while, but here is the finished piece, with small changes to the shape of the clouds and a flock of birds added.

I love the warmth and the sense of serenity that comes out of this scene. : )


January 28, 2017

Still Covered - Still life oil painting

"Still Covered"
Oil on panel
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On my Thursday class at the Cultural Arts Center the instructor, Brent Payne, set-up a still life for those that wanted to accept the challenge and give it a try.
I loved the idea, and I painted it in a couple of hours. The relative speed kept it painterly and impressionistic, and I like that.

January 27, 2017

Three Apples - Still Life Oil Painting

"Three Apples"
oil on panel
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Painted from life in about a couple of hours during my Thursday morning class at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. The instructor, Brent Payne, challenges us with still life set-ups or live models every week.

I kind of need that extra encouragement to paint from observation. Very different than painting from photo. A great exercise, somehow similar to painting a landscape en plein air.

January 26, 2017

Evening Snow at Thompson Park - oil painting

"Evening Snow at Thompson Park"
Oil on panel
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Another winter scene, this time painted very quickly on top of an old start of a landscape painting that I have never finished.
The previous colors served well as under-painting.

January 25, 2017

Snow and Trees- Oil painting

"Snow and Trees"
Oil on panel
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I've had  this reference photo for a while, and always wanted to paint it, but I was always afraid of the challenging subject.
Snow is not easy to paint, and all those trees can surely risk to look naive once painted.
I've been pulling up the photo to paint it, only to postpone it for a while, each time. I finally found the courage, and here is is. For better or for worse: Snow and Trees.

And I have to admit, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I tried to use no pure white to represent the snow, and made the trees impressionistic. I like it. : )  (Phewww)

January 24, 2017

First Oil Painting of the Year - Painting Daily, Painting Small

"Path in the Golden Field"
Oil on panel
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This small painting is based on a quick study that I did at Pickerington Park back in October.
I painted this not looking at a photo of the actual park, but looking at the photo of the painting I did at the park. (hope this makes sense)
That was fun! And, since the painting work had already been done, and decision about composition, color, value, and temperature already been made, it made the problem solving involved with each brushstroke much faster.

Curious fact: the study was actually bigger than this painting.
I realize now that I have not posted most of my fall plein air paintings.
I'll try to do better in the next days.

In the meanwhile January is almost over and I have only partially caught up with my 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Still working on it, though. : )

Thanks for reading.
Blessings to you and your loved ones!

January 17, 2017

Hearts, Love, and Peace - Small Acrylic Paintings

"Love and Peace"
3"x3" acrylic on canvas, with mini easel
Available at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center gift shop

 A couple of small paintings that I did thinking of the celebration of love for Valentine's Day.

All we need is love. : )

"My Heart Is Your Prisoner"
2"x2" acrylic on canvas, with mini easel
Available at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center gift shop


January 16, 2017

Daily Paintings Are Fun to Make! Two Small Ones Done. :)

I have been trying to get painterly productive and catch up with the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
So far I have skipped painting on many days in January, but on the days that I was able to do it, I worked on more than one painting.

Below are a couple of colorful little paintings that I did at the Cultural Arts Center last Thursday, with the goal of submitting them to the Gift Shop. One sold as soon as I had completed it, thanks to Jean, a fellow artist that saw me painting it and really liked it.

3"x3" acrylic on canvas, with mini easel

"Love You to the Poppies and Beyond"
3"x3" acrylic on canvas, with mini easel
Available at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center Gift Shop

January 15, 2017

Exciting News: Robie Benve Joins the High Road Gallery and Studios!

The year has started with great excitement for me!

I have been offered a studio space at the High Road Gallery and Studios in Worthington, OH, and last week I moved in!
My studio space at High Road Gallery and Studios

The High Road Gallery is in a charming 1818's house, owned and administered by artist Carol Hershey. Carol ran it as a non-profit art gallery for many years, and in 2014 she changed it to artist studios and gallery. 

I am very happy to be sharing the building with several very talented artists.

High Road Gallery Artists:

Dianne Bauman
Robie Benve
Rachel and Ken Conner
Michael Crapser
Dede Dufresne
Joyce Fisher
Jim Glover
Deb Haller
Carol Hershey
Marty Husted  
Ruth Ann Mitchell
Jeri Ellis Platt
Cynthia Tinapple

I am looking forward to working in the new space and interacting with the other artists.

The gallery and studios are located at 12 E Stafford Ave, Worthington, OH and it's open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays 1-4 pm, or by appointment.

January 14, 2017

What Happened to My Daily Painting Challenge??

One sunny and happy day in December I pledged to take the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge in January.
I knew it was going to be hard to find the time, so I announced my decision on social media, knowing that publicly accepting the challenge would keep me accountable for actually working on it.

Shortly after, I packed and went to Italy to visit family, wishfully bringing paints, brushes, and small canvases with me. I was going to start the year there, so I needed to start painting too.

Well, can you believe that I did not paint one single square inch while on vacation? (Nor on the first days back!)
Now I am back home, trying to catch up with life and with painting.
I keep telling myself: the challenge says 30 paintings in 30 days, it does not necessarily mean one a day. I'm allowed to paint several in a week and catch up. I CAN DO IT!

With these positive and hopeful thoughts I am looking toward the second half of January and getting mentally ready to paint several small paintings.

Let's see what I can do!

In my studio